11 Plus Tuition

– Time Management Techniques
– Mock exam practice
– Practice questions
– Real Past Paper practice

– Exam techniques
– Topic based questions
– Summer Intensive Crash Course

Guranteed place on to your child’s first choice school 

For 11+ our students come twice a week, 1 session for Maths and English and another for Verbal Reasoning and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Within these two sessions students will complete spelling tests, essay writing, times tables and topic-based questions every session. Weekly tests are given to track the process of students and to give effective feedback to students and parents.

What is 11+?
The 11 plus exam is the collective name for the selective entry exams for grammar schools across the UK.
 There are four core disciplines:
   - English Comprehension
   - Maths
   - Verbal Reasoning
   - Non-Verbal Reasoning

The inclusion of all or some of these disciplines can vary from school to school depending on which exam board they follow. There may also be an additional writing exam. The 11+ exam is usually taken in the September of year 6, so if your child is in years 4 or 5 — or even if they’ve just started year 3 — now is the time to start thinking about how to prepare them most effectively. Your involvement as a parent will greatly impact your child’s chances of success.

Why should my child do the 11+ exams?

The 11+ test, also known as the selective school's entrance exam or the grammar school entrance exam is an academic aptitude test used to determine whether a student is eligible to attend a selective or grammar school. These schools are highly competitive and often have a selective admissions process. Students who do well on the 11+ test may be offered a place at one of these schools, which can provide them with a high-quality education and a ange of opportunities.

Children who take the 11+, display skills such as:

- Curiosity, enjoyment of learning and problem solving

- Perseverance and completion of challenging tasks

- Understanding of all concepts taught at primary school

- Enjoyment of a wide range of literature and/or non – fiction text

- Creativity in sustained writing

- Ability to make connections between various areas of knowledge

- Good memory

- Imagination and original ideas ability to work at pace and assimilate information quickly

- Appreciation of numerical conventions

- Ability to apply mathematical concepts

Epsilon 11+ Study Plan:

0 Year 3

  • Introduction to Non – verbal reasoning
  • Introduction to verbal reasoning
  • Introduction to 11 + Maths
  • Introduction to 11 + English
  • Year 3 Maths
  • Year 3 English
  • 11+ Vocabulary
  • Spellings
  • Times table 1-12
0 Year 4

  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning - Analogies
  • 11 + Maths
  • 11 + English – Vocabulary and Creative Writing
  • Year 4 Maths
  • Year 4 English
  • Spellings
  • Times table 13-20
0 Year 5

  • Non-verbal reasoning
  • Verbal reasoning - Analogies
  • 11 + Maths
  • 11 + English
  • 11+ Grammar
  • Spellings – Common words from past papers (Homophones and metaphors)
  • Times table 13-20
  • Square Numbers up to 15
  • Cubic Numbers up to 15
  • Mock Exams
  • Real Past Paper Practice

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The Summer Crash Course:

Get a head start on your exams with the Epsilon Education 2-week 11+ Crash Course! This intensive program runs from Monday to Friday in August and is available both online and in-person at our centres. You'll receive 50 hours of exam practice in CEM, CSSE, and GL, as well as 10 days of workshops in Maths, English, Verbal and Non-Verbal Reasoning. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to take 15 mock exams in timed conditions and receive ongoing support. Don't miss out on this valuable opportunity to boost your confidence and skills. Contact your local branch manager for more information. 

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