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We can help your child to:

  • Improve School Performance
  • Gain Self-Esteem
  • Develop Independant Study Skills
  • Support and Guidance for 11+, 13+, SATS and GCSE
  • Help with school homework
  • Build Confidence in Math's, English. Science through collaborative Learning and Direct Support.
Our process

How We Work

Our Process

All Epsilon students start by taking a customised assessment which pinpoints their learning needs.

Our assessment process identifies exactly what each child knows and what they need to learn.

The assessment reveals each specific skill area that needs to be mastered so children aren’t wasting time reviewing concepts they already know.

Assessments continue throughout your child’s journey with Epsilon to ensure the tracking of progress. These assessments are regularly given to ensure progress and that your child retains the skills they’ve learned.


Revision is essential to getting excellent results. We assign homework each week so that students can review what they have learned before moving on to the next subject. Homework is evaluated, and a mark is given each week to show progress.


Tuition enables the tutor to focus on issues in which your child requires assistance while also offering a better grasp of themes covered at school. At Epsilon we follow the national curriculum get rid make sure concepts are taught until students clearly understand.


We focus on teaching students how to tackle exam questions. During the sessions you child will be taught how to answer exam questions and we focus on exam techniques such as timing, structuring answers and how to obtain full marks for each type of question. The tutor will also focus on exam practice by working on different style of exam questions that come up in official exams.

Our Services

We provide tuition for:

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