Strong learning foundation ready for KS2

Key Stage 3 is a critical period for students, as it establishes a foundation of knowledge and confidence necessary for success in their GCSEs. Typically taught in secondary school during years 7-9, this stage can be daunting for students transitioning from Key Stage 2. At Epsilon Education, we support students in the core subject areas of Maths, English, and Science.

Our goal is to make the transition to Key Stage 3 easier by providing students with a solid foundation in the KS3 curriculum. Our subject coordinators have developed a bespoke syllabus that aligns with the national curriculum and is enriched with key techniques to enhance academic progress. All lesson plans and homework assignments are prepared in advance for the entire year, ensuring that students do not miss any critical topics and cover the entire KS3 curriculum.

For Year 9 students gearing up for their GCSEs, we strive to ensure that their knowledge is sound and that they possess the necessary skills and confidence to excel. We also provide support and guidance in choosing GCSE options. Our holistic approach enables students to develop a concrete understanding of the key subjects and prepare them for academic excellence in higher grades.

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